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We have released a new major version of cssnano.

Major changes in cssnano 5#

  • cssnano 5 requires Node.js >= 10.13
  • PostCSS 8 API, so cssnano 5 does not emit warnings when running under PostCSS 8
  • updates to SVGO 2, fixing many SVG minification bugs
  • updates css-value-parser and css-selector-parser, fixing many bugs

How to Upgrade#

Update the PostCSS dependency#

Add postcss to your package.json dependencies field, if your package manager does not install peer dependencies automatically.

JavaScript API changes#

If you use the cssnano JavaScript API, change your code:

  • replace cssnano.process() with cssnano().process() (notice the () after cssnano)

  • pass cssnano options to cssnano() instead of process()


Bug fixes#

  • fix improperly discarding @font-face declarations #726
  • partially fix some isues where cssnano did not combine rules when used together with postcss-nested #1004
  • fix translate3d() minification #920
  • fix minification of values starting with e #589, #984
  • fix minification of percentage vaalues #962, #957
  • fix minification of aspect-ratio #963
  • fix merging of @supports rules #974
  • fix sorting of longhand and shorthand properties #535
  • remove vulnerable dependency and always warn with bad SVG input #1034